Lesson 1. Hairstyle for long hair “Knot”.
Step-by-step process of creating a hairstyle for long hair “Knot”. English subtitles. The lesson lasts 43 minutes. Unlimited access to the lesson for 30 days.
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Hairstyle "Knot".
Hairstyle "Knot" is suitable for both evening and wedding celebrations. Working in this technique will allow you to quickly and easily lay thick and long hair in a neat and refined hairstyle.
Styling and tools.
In this lesson, I shared with you the secrets of using styling and tools to give maximum durability oh the hairstyle.
Texture and pattern.
From this lesson you will also learn important points about creating a texture. You can create a modern, refined hair pattern yourself.
This hairstyle, of course, will not leave your client indifferent, and the technique of execution of this hairstyle will take a worthy place in the arsenal of your skills.