Lesson 2. High bun.
Step-by-step process of creating a hairstyle “High bun”. English subtitles. The lesson lasts 38 minutes. Unlimited access to the lesson for 30 days.
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High bun.
High bun hairstyle is perfect for both wedding and evening event. This is one of the most popular hairstyles at the moment and it will always be in demand. 
Styling and tools.
In this lesson I shared with you the secrets of using styling and tools to add thickness to the hair.
Light and long-lasting hairstyle.
From this lesson you will learn some important nuances of preparation of the hair before hairstyle. This lesson will help you to create a clean and airy interesting textured hairstyle. 
This hairstyle for sure will not leave your client indifferent and the technique of creation will take a worthy place in the arsenal of your skills.
Classic in modern performance.
This hairstyle will emphasize refinement and elegance of any girl. Classic form though will reveal natural attractiveness.